You have just ordered and received your accessory for your new Tesla, follow this solution concerning the installation of accessories in covering or with 3M adhesive.

It is important to know that 3M adhesive or covering can be applied to wood, bodywork, both indoors and outdoors. To begin with, you must ensure that the surface is well cleaned and degreased. 

This means that you should first clean with a non-aggressive soap such as a window cleaner, and then, on parts that are sensitive to grease, you should degrease with isopropyl alcohol. 

This alcohol reduces the fatty residues that prevent the covering or adhesives from holding properly.

Once the surface is well cleaned, it is important to ensure that the room temperature is above 18 degrees for an optimal break. Why this temperature? The adhesive and the covering have a different power of adhesion according to the temperature of the air but also the temperature of the support on which it will be posed. 

The higher the temperature, the "softer" the adhesive and the higher its adhesion capacity. 

For an ideal application, count on a temperature of at least 18 degrees and after the application, a blow of heat with a hair dryer to increase the adhesion power of the elements. 

For the covering, you should know that the cuts are made at this temperature, which means that the installation must be done at the same temperature to have an ideal result.

Finally, despite this, you have had problems when fitting an accessory? No problem, contact our customer service and we will send you back the part or the adhesive.