You have fixed an accessory on your Tesla with 3M adhesive or covering and you want to remove it?

No problem, we'll explain how to do it. 

As explained in the previous solution, both the covering and the 3M adhesive become "soft" when heated. This means that it momentarily loses its adhesive power, and when it cools down, it will have a better grip. 

So your accessory won't fall off by itself, it will need some help. 

To do this, use either a hair dryer if the part is indoors, or hot water if it is outside the vehicle.

Once this is in hand, heat the part or pour hot water over it to gently soften the adhesive or covering. The aim is not to force the removal of the accessory, the removal as well as the installation must be done gently. This will allow you to remove the accessory easily, without damaging the accessory and without damaging the support.

If you have a leased or rented vehicle, you can return it without its accessories and without damaging it.